DigitalCFO Asia Executive Roundtable Series - Positive Sum... has ended
Positive Sum Growth: How can CFOs retain long term growth, create value and benefits, while making sustainable changes across all functions?

CFOs as the Architects of Change and Resilience.
In trying economic times, the top focus of most businesses is on the bottom line. Even before the pandemic started, the finance department was tasked to maintain a positive balance sheet for all business units – this, done at a cost of engaging experienced professionals inside or outside the organisation.

However, with the right use of digitisation and automation tools, establishing a sustainable and healthy ecosystem for an organisation is within reach. Now, you can build an agile ecosystem that supports business continuity and serves everyone involved in the process, where everyone wins.

Join DigitalCFO Asia, in partnership with Esker and Fujifilm Business Innovation Singapore, in an exclusive roundtable discussion on creating a workplace ecosystem that fosters accessibility and collaboration with internal and external workforces, building positive-sum growth.

  • What are the challenges today after Pre & Post Pandemic?
  • What are the trends seen within your organisation and in the world today?
  • How to build positive-sum growth and improve collaboration between companies, its suppliers, customers, and the larger community?
  • How to achieve sustainability - from an environmental and operational perspective - in an organisation?
  • What are the strategies to introduce agility and resilience in the workplace?
  • Empowering the internal and external workforce to increase the value of creation and talent retention

CFOs, Finance President/ Vice president, Financial controllers, Heads of Finance, Finance Directors, Senior Finance Managers/Finance Managers, Accountants, AP/AR professionals